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Brief History

It has been reported that the first Juneteenth Celebration in Kankakee County was in Pembroke Townsihp in 1998. It was spearheaded by Lillian Jackson, Juanita Barnes, and Thesely Beverly with assistance by Rose Covington and others. It has been celebrated every year since.


The annual Juneteenth Celebration in the City of Kankaee grew out of ideas from the Outreach Ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, who was looking to provide an annual community event. Sharing those ideas was Annette Flanagan Connie Mason, Jorn Edwards, Virginia Lake and Barbara Bridges. These individuals with the exception of Annette Flanagan and the addition of Dr. Leonard, Gene Jackson, Pam Basu and Julia Brewer planned and produced the 2010 Juneteenth Annual Celebration. It has been celebrated every year since, making this the 6th Annual Juneteenth Celebration 


Both celebrations have been a time of great jubilation, education, fun and celebration.



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