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Juneteenth Celebration
June 14-22, 2024

Kankakee, IL

The JCCC Mission
To create a sustainable community of cultrual awareness and diversity, to educate & preserve African American heritage and empowering for the betterment of future generations, through workshops, cultural events and Annual Juneteenth Celebration.

Our Purpose

To promote the yearly celebration on Junetennth in commermoration of the ending of slavery & the accomplishments of the slaves & their ancestors. The Juneteenth Celebratoin promotes freedom, justice, citizenship, service,and education. Opportunities to increase the awarenss of the five parts of Juneteenth are provided through special events held throughout the year, including teaching about freedom before and after Juneteenth, teaching of the importance of Justice and how to find it, demostrating & teaching what good citizensip is & how to be a good citizen, teaching the importance of service as well as focusing on how important education is to Kankakee County & beyond.


Calendar of Events

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Why do We Celebrate Juneteenth?

J- Juneteenth represents the joy of freedom; the chance for a new beginning.


U- Unless we expose the truth about the African-American slave experience, Americans won't be truly free.


N- Never must we forget our ancestors' endurance of one of the worst slave experiences in human history.


E- Every American has benefited from the wealth blacks created through over 200 years of free labor and Juneteenth allows us to acknowledge that debt.


T- To encourage every former slave-holding state to follow Texas (and Oklahoma's) example and make Junetheenth a state Holiday.


E-Everyday in America, blacks are reminded of the legacy of slavery. Juneteenth counters that by reminding us of the promise of deliverance.


E- Even on the journey to discover who we are, Juneteenth allows us to reflect on where  we've been, where we're at and where we're going as a people.


N- Never give up hope is the legacy our enslaved ancestors left. It was this legacy that produced black heroism in the Civil War and helped launch the modern civil rights era. It is this legacy we celebrate.


T- To proclaim for all the world to hear, that human rights must never again become subervient to property rights.


H- History books have only told a small part of the story; Juneteenth gives us a chance to set the record straight.



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